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Mexico Trip Feedback

If you were a participant on "Commission Unto Mexico," we need your help in improving it. Please respond to any or all of the following questions.

To submit the survey, please use the password sent to you from the "Commission Unto Mexico" office. This is set up an anonymous survey. Only your answers will be sent to the "Commission Unto Mexico" office.

1. What were the best 3 things about Commission Unto Mexico?

2. If you were in charge of the trip for next year, what would be two or three changes you would make?

3. What would you like Commission Unto Mexico to have more of?

4. What would like Commission Unto Mexico to have less of?

5. Was there something that really disappointed you about Commission Unto Mexico?

6. How could the web site ( be more useful to you?

7. What ways would you suggest for us to publicize this trip?

8. Other comments:

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