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Scholarship Application

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Personal Information:

First Name: Middle Name: Last Name:
Student ID#: Classification: FR SO JR SR Grad
College Address:
Permanent Address:

Are you currently an Intern? Yes No

If not, in the past have you ever been enrolled in the SoTam Ministerial Intern program?

If so, in the past what years (or semesters) were you involved?

Do you qualify for academic scholarships or scholarships from other departments? Yes No
GPA for previous semester: GPA cumulative:
Degree: Major:
Which SoTaM professor knows you well enough to evaluate your
potential for ministry?


For approximately what percentage of your living expenses are you responsible?
0% 25% 50% 75% 100%

On average, how many hours per week do you work to finance your education?
5 10 15 25 40
Name of Employer(s):

Marital Status:
currently single will marry within a year's time currently married divorced/seperated
Number of Dependents: Ages:
Number of hours you are currently taking this semester:
Number of hours you are anticipating taking next semester:

Ministerial Status:

Local Church Information:
Pastor's Name:
What is your credential status at this church?:
No License
Local License
District License
Ordained Minister
List activities in which you have participated at your local church:
List extra-curricular activities in which you have participated:
Where and how are you presently involved in ministry?
Indicate your primary area of ministerial interest:

Chaplain Ministries
Christian Education
Pastoral ministry
Urban ministry
Youth ministry

Self Assessment:

Write a brief paragraph regarding your call to the ministry -- when received, nature of call, etc.

Write a brief paragraph describing the way in which you see your education at SNU contributing to your ministry.

Submit Application by March 29, 2015
I understand that in submitting this application I agree to send a thank you letter within two weeks of receiving notification of my award from the School of Theology and Ministry. If the thank you letter is not received within the specified time, the scholarship will be forfeited. Specifics pertaining to each scholarship will be included in the award letter.