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B LT-2013-01 - Old Testament Literature and Life
Building:  Online course
Room:  TBA
Instructor:  Cancelled Class
Credit Hours:  3
Days/Time:   TBA   TBA
Course Capacity:  0
Seats Remaining:   Closed
$30 FEE
Online Course
Description:   Old Testament Life and Literature is a sophomore leve, General Education course. Its purpose is to identify the basic knowledge of the Bible - story line, main characters, books, great chapters, and teaching, and develop skills in understanding and communicating their meaning - that is expected will be known by all members of the SNU community of faith. This course is the product of the conviction of the SNU faculty that a working knowledge of the Bible is essential for the fulfillment of the University mission to build responsible Christian persons. The prerequisite course is sophomore standing and THEO 1513 Christian Faith and Life.