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SOC-3013-02 - Contemporary Social Issues
Building:  TBA
Room:  TBA
Instructor:  Alan Young
Credit Hours:  3
Days/Time:   TBA   TBA
Course Capacity:  20
Seats Remaining:   3
$30 FEE
Online Course
Description:   A capstone General Education CORE course. An examination of critically important and compelling social and personal issues for Christians in the development of thoughtful, informed Christian understandings and responses. Emphasis on factors influencing individual moral development and religious belief; the impact of print and electronic media in shaping cultural norms, societal roles, and views of the self; the biblical mandate for justice as raised by topics related to politics, economy, and the law; the role of family, society, and culture in affecting responses to race, gender, ethnicity; and the processes by which an individual's development and surrounding culture influence fundamental assumptions, beliefs, and ways of thinking.
Prerequisites:   Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1113) / Junior or 15 or more Gen. Ed. CORE credit hours passed / Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 2013) and Introduction to Christian Thought (THEO 2233) recommended.