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N S-1123-02 - Introduction to Astronomy
Building:  Online course
Room:  TBA
Instructor:  Mark Winslow
Credit Hours:  3
Days/Time:   TBA   TBA
Course Capacity:  20
Seats Remaining:   4
$30 FEE
Online Course
$40 Lab Fee
Description:   An introduction to the models and nomenclature of modern astronomy with emphasis on conceptual as well as mathematical comprehension. The history of astronomy and its impact on thought and culture, the description of the instruments and techniques of modern astronomy, and the interpretation of information gained by such is emphasized. The history and composition of our solar system, the evolution of stars and other stellar objects, the formation and structure of galaxies, and the probable origin of the universe itself are described through theories of modern physics and cosmology. Laboratory work includes observations with departmental telescopes.